Irvine Foundation Explores Full Cost Funding

The James Irvine Foundation announced that it was responding to the latest Grantee Perception Report survey issued by the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP).

Among the highlights of the announcement were two changes related to Real Cost funding:

  • Providing core support. For those organizations whose overarching strategy is highly aligned with Irvine’s own strategies for impact, we are designing more grants as general operating support to allow these grantees the flexibility to adapt strategies as the environment for their work evolves.
  • Covering full costs. We understand how important it is to fund the full cost of an organization’s work. We are exploring with grantees the scope of their indirect costs, so that our grants reflect their full cost of the outcomes they are seeking to achieve.

For more information on the report and the Irvine Foundation’s response, please visit the Irvine Foundation here.