Welcome to Philanthropy CA | Full Cost Project website. Phase One concluded in 2016. We will be launching the second phase of this project in early 2017. You may remember the first phase of this work being called the Real Cost Project. We are shifting the terminology we use from ‘real cost’ to ‘full cost’ to further align with the field.

Phase Two will be launching soon! Stay tuned for updates and information. 

All of us involved in philanthropy today – foundations, individual donors, corporations, government, nonprofits, and community leaders – recognize that the social sector is in the midst of a radical transformation. 

Accordingly, grantmakers across California are examining their practices and looking to develop new approaches in order to increase impact in the communities they serve. Recently, many grantmakers have begun exploring an approach based on full cost funding – that is all of the necessary investments for a nonprofit organization to deliver on mission and to be sustainable over the long term.

The Full Cost Project

In response to these efforts, Northern California Grantmakers, San Diego Grantmakers and Southern California Grantmakers, as a part of the Philanthropy California collaboration, lead the joint statewide initiative – the Full Cost Project – to increase the impact of philanthropy across California. Created by funders for funders, the Full Cost Project explores what it takes for funders to develop new grantmaking practices based on what it really costs to deliver outcomes.

We invite you to get engaged in this growing national conversation. Whether you provide general operating support, programmatic support, funding for capital projects or investments for social impact, understanding what the full cost is for delivering outcomes is critical to achieving your goals.